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Here at Fresh Fit HQ I believe participating in a variety of classes will take you on a journey to be your best you .

To me, being 'fit' is about physical and mental well being. Balance is key. One won't survive without the other.

Fresh Fit offer group fitness classes including Zumba , Zumba Gold, Resistance Toning , Flexibility & Relaxation . Currently I offer classes in person, virtual livestream and recorded sessions. 

( Due to Covid 19 safety regulations, it is best to contact me directly as timetables could be changed accordingly. )

I welcome all abilities to join us in class. Whether you have a lot of experience or none at all. You gotta start somewhere , right ?

Above all , it's important to find a fitness combination that works for you, otherwise will you be consistent ? Possibly not. 

Things to consider are the positive challenges a fitness class brings.

The vibe : music can make you forget you are working out ! More like working it ! 

Future proofing your body is a great motivator to exercise, building strength and flexibility.

Whatever your needs , Fresh Fit could be just what you're looking for.

Be your best you ............. I dare you !

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Hi, I’m Gill and welcome to Fresh Fit.
Group exercise fitness is something I got interested in fairly late in life, due to ongoing health issues. I was experiencing chronic fatigue, lack of sleep and depression at times. Who’d have thought you could completely change your life by letting fitness in?  Well, I did.
My journey began in a locally owned fitness studio. First by discovering the classes they had to offer, and then by working as a reception team member.
Zumba was my next discovery, boy it’s such good fun I didn’t even notice the work out!
I completed my training in Zumba, and also Zumba Gold (lower impact) and Zumba Kids .
After that I decided to extend my training.  I have a level 3 qualification as a fitness instructor and personal training, including anatomy & physiology.
Teaching fitness classes has changed my life, no doubt. To see individuals at their starting point, and gradually see the change in stamina, strength, tone, weight and overall happiness. Exercise can allow us to escape stressful times, and even give us the benefit of coping skills when times are rough. It isn’t just the physical improvements we can benefit from; our mental wellbeing improves.
My mantra?    
Be your best you.
G x

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Gill's energy and sparkling personality always ensures all her classes from Zumba, Total Tone and Stretch and Relax are fresh and relevant. She is constantly looking for new ideas and introduces alternatives should anyone have problems with certain exercises due to health issues. Gill is versatile and is always enthusiastic which is very empowering. The classes are not to be missed if you enjoy fun with your exercise.



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